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Raven Conkure X80W Wet Concrete Curing Blanket

Conkure™ Wet Curing Blanket consists of a highly absorbent synthetic needle punched fabric coated with a white reflective film. Unlike burlap, it will not rot or mildew. Conkure™ Blankets are lightweight and disposable making them an economical choice in concrete curing and yet are versatile and strong enough to be reused when cared for properly.

  • Enhances Concrete Strength
  • Highly Absorbent/Retains Water
  • Low cost-One Time Use
  • 108″ Wide Layflat Rolls
  • High Tack Surface
  • Stain Free Fabric
  • Reflective/Minimizes High Heat
  • Weighs 10oz per sq ft


Click HERE for the Conkure Technical Data Sheet

Click HERE for the Conkure Safety Data Sheet

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