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The world’s leading flame-retardant temporary protection system available from Williams Equipment & Supply

Used by the marine, offshore, aviation, rail, construction, and utilities industries to protect during new building, refurbishment, maintenance, and outfitting stages.

The cover guard® range has been designed and developed to provide innovative temporary protection for all types of horizontal and vertical surfaces and finishes. The products can be used both internally and externally to protect against damage from trade wear and tear and workmen’s activity. cover guard® can also be used to wrap, cover, screen and contain all types of equipment, furniture, fittings and fixtures.

  • Protect horizontal & vertical surfaces against damage from trade,wear and tear and workmen’s activities
  • Economical, reusable & easily cleaned, puncture and chemical resistant, flame retardant, and waterproof.
  • Packaging: CG1036 DP 10mil in rolls 393.7’Lx35.8’W=1173sf. Weighs 62lbs/roll.

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