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E-Bond Epoxies

E-Bond 580 1gal Unit

580 HI-Mod Multipurpose Pourable Epoxy a unique two-component, easy one-to-one mixing ratio, for structural repairs, usable in a moisture-tolerant environment. Designed for a multiple of uses. A Standard Set for the rapid strength development, an LPL version with extended working time for hot weather applications, spraying, and placement of a Thin Set epoxy mortar skim coat for protection of concrete surfaces.


  • Convenient easy to use 1:1 by volume
  • Light gray, easy paint-like creamy consistency with non-settling type pigments for easy brushability and spraying.
  • Standard Type develops fast-strength to minimize downtime, low temperature cures as low as 40¢XF (4.4¢XC).
  • LPL Type with extended working time for applications in warm and hot
    environments, with extended working time for spray operations
    and placement of epoxy mortar/grouts.
  • Tolerant to moisture before, during, and after cure.
  • Excellent for use as thin-set resurfacer/mortar and grouting applications.
  • High strength bonding adhesive for most structural materials.
  • Good chemical resistance for long-term protection.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance with selected granules for long-term wear.


  • LPL and Standard Grades for thin-set resurfacer/mortar and grout applications.
  • HI-Build Epoxy Corrosive resistant protective coating.
  • Non-sag mortar for vertical /overhead repair.
  • Low maintenance, skid resistant/abrasive adhesive coating for parking, loading decks and industrial floors.
  • High Strength grouting of bolts, dowels, rebar, pins, etc.
  • Waterproofing Membrane between Asphalt Overlay and Concrete
  • Structural adhesive for bonding fresh concrete and hardened to hardened concrete.
  • Gravity feeding for grouting horizontal cracks in structural concrete.
  • High-strength epoxy mortar for base plate grouting of machinery.

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