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Makita  Batteries & Chargers

Makita 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion batteries charge faster and works longer than standard lithium-ion batteries, giving you and your cordless tools unmatched performance and productivity to take on the most demanding applications.

Makita Rapid Optimum Chargers offer category-leading battery charge times, which means the battery spends more time working and less time sitting on the charger. 

See below for a list of currently stocked tools, and contact your local branch for a demo and more information.

Available Batteries

Model Accessory NameBattery Charge IndicatorAverage Charge TimeRun TimeCompatable Tools
BL1820B18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion Compact 2.0Ah BatteryYes25 min.50% More Than BL1815Makita Tools with Star Symbol™ and/or Yellow Battery Receivers
BL1840B18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion 4.0Ah Battery*Yes40 min.35% More Than BL1830
BL1850B18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion 5.0Ah Battery**Yes45 min.65% More Than BL1830
BL1860B18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion 6.0Ah Battery*Yes55 min.2x More Than BL1830
*Also Available in a 2-Pack  **Available as part of a Combo Kit

Available Chargers

Charge Time For 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Batteries
ModelAccessory Name2.0Ah3.0Ah 4.0Ah 5.0Ah 6.0Ah 
DC18RC18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion Rapid Optimum Charger**25 min.30 min.40 min.45 min.55 min.
DC18RD18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion Dual Port Rapid Optimum Charger**25 min.30 min.40 min.45 min.55 min.
DC18SF18V LXT® Lithium‑Ion 4‑Port Charger30 min. for 2
60 min. for 4
60 min. for 2
120 min for 4

**Available as part of a Combo Kit

LXT® Lithium-Ion technology
gives users 12V handling with 18V performance, and compatibility with the world’s largest 18V cordless tool system.

Star Protection Computer Controls™ protect against overloading, over-discharging and over-heating

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