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Stego Wrap 10 mil and 15 mil


Stego Wrap 15-mil VAPOR BARRIER is an economical new generation geo-membrane, resulting from trade secret break throughs in multi-extrusion methods, new resins and additive technology. A combination of prime virgin resins and additives allows molecules to internally “inter-lock” to give Stego Wrap 15-mil strength, durability and unprecedented resistance to moisture and Radon Gas in a relatively light gauge polyolefin film. Older generation products use scrim, laminations and /or fiber backing for strength and puncture resistance. However the thin and weak plastic vapor retarder component (between the scrim) is easily punctured. Stego Wrap 15-mil is truly a dependable “VAPOR BARRIER” that can be used in contact with and directly below the slab.

Stego 10mil Technical Data Sheet PDF

Stego 15mil Technical Data Sheet PDF

Stego Tape Technical Data Sheet PDF

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