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Werner ladders are found on more trucks and job sites than all other ladders combined. Werner’s entire product design process—from engineering to manufacturing—creates a climbing system that ensures productivity, durability and safety for the user. On jobsites across America, Werner is preferred more than any brand because innovation, safety and durability are built into every product. 

Williams Equipment & Supply is proud to offer our customers the best, safest climbing equipment available on the market. Our stock include: 
Extension Ladders, Extension Trestle Ladders, Step Ladders, and Podium Step Ladders.  

Features Include: 

  • Aluminum external rail shield helps protect against abrasion damage
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Double riveted comfortable TRACTION-TRED® steps for slip-resistance and durability
  • EDGE® bracing system helps to decrease damage to rail
  • Every rivet backed up by metal, metal plates or washers to protect rails
  • Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot
  • Heavy duty internal spreaders
  • Shoulder bolt and lock nut on top hinge; 4 solid aluminum rivets attach top to each rail
  • Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE® structure
  • Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps/rungs

Available Stock
Model No.StyleSizeReach
Max. Safe
Working Height
Approx. Product LengthApprox.
Product Width
Approx. Product DepthApprox. Spread
D6224-2Multi-Section Extension24ft23ft300lb21ftIA12ft19in outside
D6228-2Multi-Section Extension28ft27ft300lb25ftIA14ft
D6232-2Multi-Section Extension32ft31ft300lb29ftIA16ft
D7140-2Multi-Section Extension40ft37ft300lb35ftIA20ft
E7408Extension Trestle 8ft12ft300lb5ft 9inIA120in33.96in7in67-3/4in
E7410Extension Trestle10ft14ft300lb7ft 8inIA144in37.44in7in81-7/8in
E7412Extension Trestle12ft16ft300lb9ft 7inIA168in41in7in95-7/8in
T7406Twin Stepladder6ft10ft375lb3ft 10inIAA 72in25in7in50-1/8in
T7408Twin Stepladder8ft12ft375lb5ft 9inIAA 96in28.68in7in64-1/8in
6206Single-Sided6ft10ft300lb3ft 10inIA 72in23.4in6in41-1/4in
6208Single-Sided8ft12ft300lb5ft 9inIA 96in26.84in6in53-5/8in
6210Single-Sided10ft14ft300lb7ft 8inIA 120in30.36in6in65-7/8in
6212Single-Sided12ft16ft300lb9ft 7inIA 144in33.84in6in78-1/4in
7406Single-Sided6ft10ft375lb3ft 10inIAA 72in25in6in42-7/8in
7408Single-Sided8ft12ft375lb5ft 9inIAA 96in28.68in6in55-1/4in
7410Single-Sided10ft14ft375lb7ft 8inIAA 120in32in6in67-1/2in
7412Single-Sided12ft16ft375lb9ft 7inIAA 144in35.5in6in79-7/8in

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