Accelguard 80

An accelerating, water-reducing admixture for concrete that does not contain calcium chloride or added chloride ions. It improves properties of plastic and hardened concrete, provides a significant improvement in early stiffening and setting characteristics, improved workability and decreased bleeding and segregation. This admixture is compatible with air entraining admixtures, HRWR admixtures (super plasticizers), and conventional water reducing admixtures.


  •  Reduces initial set 1 to 4 hours depending on concrete temperatures
  •  Improves workability and provides denser concrete
  •  Minimizes bleeding and segregation
  •  Improves compressive strength development at early ages
  •  Decreases overtime allowing earlier finishing
  •  Increases protection for reinforcement in concrete


  •  Cold weather concreting
  •  Structural and plain concrete
  •  Concrete block and mortar
  •  Precast and post tensioned concrete

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