Dural 452 MV

A 100% reactive, 2-component material designed as a moisture insensitive adhesive and binder for numerous application needs. This high modulus material is available in a low viscosity (LV), medium viscosity (MV) or GEL consistency. EUCO #452 provides normal working times when bonding concrete at temperatures above 40F (4C)


  • Excellent adhesive for bonding together concrete, steel, ceramic or wood materials
  • Moisture insensitive for bonding to dry or damp surfaces
  • Bonds fresh concrete toppings to hardened concrete slabs
  • Anchoring bolts, dowels, and pins
  • Forms a tough, wear and chemical resistant coating for industrial floor slabs
  • May be extended with sand or aggregate for thick applications and mortar repairs
  • Designed for use at temperatures of 40?F (4?C) and above
  • Used with Hypalon sheeting to seal wide and high movement joints


     Priming   ●   Anchoring Joint repair material
     Sealing   ●   Non-sag material
     Bonding toppings   ●   Vertical and overhead coatings
     General adhesive   ●   Wide joint treatment

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