Everything You Need To Know About Makita Tools

Anyone who works with their hands has at least heard of Makita, a brand known for its high-quality power tools. Whether you’re looking for an impact wrench, a saw, or a specific kind of drill, Makita has a product to fit your project. If you’ve never used Makita tools before, you may be wondering what makes them so special. Williams Equipment & Supply is proud to be an authorized dealer for Makita tools. Let’s take a closer look at who they are and everything their products have to offer!   

The history behind Makita tools

Makita is hugely popular all across the US right now, but it got its start in Nagoya, Japan. In its earliest years, the company focused on selling and repairing electric motors, transformers, and light equipment. Once Makita decided to venture into manufacturing, their growth expanded rapidly. By 1935, they were exporting their first generators and electric motors to the Soviet Union. In 1958, the company was only making one model of an electric planer in Japan. Just twenty years later, they were leading the way in making rechargeable electric drills. 

Makita has enjoyed numerous milestones since then. In 1981, they launched their first air tools, a pneumatic nail and air compressor. They experienced incredible growth throughout that decade as they continued introducing new tools to their lineup, including grinder drills and circular saws. In the 1990s, the company focused on expanding its presence in other countries, opening branches as far away as New Zealand, Mexico, and Poland. 

These days, Makita has an impressive portfolio of power tools available, along with hundreds of accessories to start and finish every job with the best resources around. 

Everything You Need To Know About Makita Tools

The most notable features of Makita tools

As a top brand, Makita is a leader in producing some of the best tools on the market. But what is it that sets them apart? 

Star Protection technology

Some power tools are prone to overheating, which can be a huge inconvenience. To avoid this issue, Makita pioneered their Star Protection technology. This advanced communication system keeps their power tools from overheating, over-discharging, and overloading. Consumers will find these tools are safer and longer-lasting! 

LXT brushless motors

Brushed motors have their fair share of limitations, including overheating issues and a lack of energy efficiency. That’s why LXT brushless motors from Makita are so exciting!  They’re more powerful, efficient, and durable thanks to fewer moving parts. They also require less overall maintenance to keep them working properly.

LXT lithium-ion batteries

For those who prefer cordless Makita tools, their LXT lithium-ion batteries are a game changer! Because they’re designed to deliver 50% more battery power, you’ll be able to use your tool for longer without stopping to recharge it. 

What are the benefits of choosing Makita tools?

There are many reasons to choose Makita tools for all your power tool needs, but here are a few of our favorites! 

Huge variety of products

Makita stands out from the competition in more ways than one, but their massive variety of products has always been at the top of the list. While their power tools are probably the most popular, there are many other tools available as well. A quick look at their official website and you’ll see that they have just about every tool you could possibly want in your workshop for sale! They also have a variety of tools of the same unit, making it easy to pick the right tool depending on your particular needs. 

Multiple accessories

For multiple tools, Makita makes multiple accessories! There are often numerous accessories available for every tool you select. This lets you customize your tools to work in exactly the way you want them to. 

Exceptional build quality

One reason Makita is so well-regarded is its commitment to build quality. They take their time designing and testing their tools to ensure the final product is top-quality construction. Any time you invest in a Makita product, you’re guaranteed a durable product that is of the highest quality. 

Excellent batteries for cordless tools

Battery capacity is a big deal when you’re working with cordless power tools. Makita’s lithium batteries have incredible runtimes and are accompanied by fast chargers as well. This gets your tools charged back up as soon as possible so you can get back to work without missing a beat! 

Unmatched customer service and care

Customer service can be spotty from company to company, but Makita is known for offering prompt customer support. Whatever your question or concern, you’ll be sure to receive the right service from their well-trained customer service team. 

Everything You Need To Know About Makita Tools

Find the right Makita tool for you with Williams Equipment & Supply

When you need to accomplish multiple tasks and want to do it faster and more efficient, Makita power tools are the perfect solution! Visit us online or in one of our many convenient locations to find out for yourself what Makita tools have to offer. We make a great team!