Everything You Need to Know About Milwaukee Tools

Milwaukee brand tools have been a staple in any toolbox since they entered the market in 1924. Since then, the company has been delivering innovative solutions to increase productivity and provide durable, long-lasting materials. While it’s likely you’ve at least come across the brand in your career, you may be wondering what really sets these tools apart. Williams Equipment is here to give you everything you need to know about Milwaukee Tools!

Providing excellence since 1924

Milwaukee tools provide innovative, effective solutions to complex problems on any job site. When creating tools, the Milwaukee team works with real-life users to understand the demands of the workplace and how to meet the unique needs that come along with that. By evaluating the actual application of their products, Milwaukee is able to provide thorough solutions and game-changing tools. 

Since being acquired by Techtronic Industries, Co. the company has moved forward with a renewed focus on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing trades. This renewed focus led to an on-the-job evaluation in these trades to get a better understanding of what the individuals in the fields really need. The team at Milwaukee maintains a mindset of “disruptive revolution” – a commitment to providing solutions that truly revolutionize the way MEP workers function on a daily basis. 

Changing the game for cordless tools

Milwaukee really set themselves apart from the competition with their revolutionary cordless power tools. They developed a unique system of cordless battery packs and motors in-house to ensure they achieved exactly what they wanted – and that’s what’s best for you. As a part of that commitment, Milwaukee tools continue to advance and improve, without requiring users to change their platforms. 

While this initially proved to be a challenge, the Milwaukee team prioritized the user and expanded their tools accessories to match the new stress placed on the tools themselves. This means that the tools can function under immense pressure and they’ll last through any project you take on. 


Milwaukee cordless systems

Milwaukee is known for its cordless tool systems, and it isn’t hard to see why. Once you know the benefits and unique features of these systems, you’ll be ready to use them for every project on your list!

M12 Cordless System

The M12™ cordless system was designed to deliver unmatched durability and power in a size that can fit into the tightest places. This system features over 100 tools that have transformed those inefficient manual tools like cable and copper cutting tubes. This line features Powerstate™ brushless motors that are engineered for the unique demands of each tool, Redlink Plus™ intelligence that optimizes each tool, Redlithium™ battery packs. 

This line was designed to get into those tight spaces that you may struggle to reach with manual tools. Milwaukee is always adding to this expansive line to help you get those pesky tasks done with ease. 

M18 Cordless System

The Milwaukee M18 cordless system is the fastest-growing 18V cordless system on the market. This line was developed to provide the ultimate combination of professional-grade power, extreme performance, and superior ergonomics. M18 cordless tools feature patented technology, innovative motors, advanced electronics, and the industry’s best battery technology. With over 200 tools and counting, you can find a solution to any problem that comes your way. 

The flagship product in the M18 line is M18 FUEL. This is engineered for the most demanding trades and continues to reach new power and performance that’s never been seen on the 18V platform. Just a few tools in this innovative line include:

  • M18 Fuel™ Rear Handle Circular Saw
  • M18 Fuel™ SUPER HAWG ½” Right Angle Drill
  • M18 Fuel™ Pipe Threader
  • M18 Fuel™ 21 Degree Framing Nailer
  • And so many more!

With so many innovative cordless options, Milwaukee has a tool for anything you may face.

More than just power tools

Milwaukee has so much more to offer than their game-changing cordless technology. They manufacture everything you’ll need for any job, from tool accessories to apparel. They bring the same level of innovation to every single product they create so you can feel confident in the materials you use. When you choose Milwaukee, you’re choosing a brand that puts you first. With a team that gets right in the middle of things to gain an understanding of the real-life challenges you face on a daily basis, these tools can meet every need you face. 

Get Milwaukee tools with Williams Equipment

Once you understand the differences that set Milwaukee tools apart, it’s an easy choice to make. With this line of innovative power tools, you can take on any project, big or small. If you’re ready to find the right cordless tools for your next job, contact our team at Williams Equipment. We’ll help you find exactly what you need!