Form Liners

Formliners create textured concrete, saving time, labor and material by providing structural and architectural functions in a single medium. This accelerates the construction process and minimizes costs. Symons has hundreds of standard patterns available, but when a project calls for something unique, we can provide custom formliners based on your design or digital image. We provide the widest selection of concrete formliners in the construction industry. Wood grain, stone, brick, and a wide variety of ribbed and other textures make our Formliners the best choice. Choose from dozens of standard patterns or ask us to create a custom liner just for you!

We offer several different materials to create an architectural concrete finish.

  • SPS Plastic™ – A polystyrene liner that provides contractors with an inexpensive alternative for single-use applications.
  • ABS Plastic  – An ABS liner that provides durability and performance suitable for projects requiring 5 to 10 use material.
  • Elastomeric – A pure urethane liner that provides an exceptional cost advantage for projects that require 100 uses or more.

Standard Patterns: Symons has dozens of standard block, brick, fluted, fractured, stone, wood and other patterns available.  

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