Copper-Flex™ Copper Fabric Flashing

Hohmann & Barnard’s Copper-Flex™ Copper Fabric Flashing combines the best features of our Flex-Flash™ flashing with our copper fabrics to create a superior flashing that can also serve as a drip edge. Copper-Flex™ has a pressure-sensitive, clear adhesive that will not drool when exposed to UV or heat.

  • Extremely tough, with excellent impact and tear resistance

  • Maintains flexibility in extreme heat or cold weather environments

  • Highly resistant to oils and will repel most chemicals

  • Suitable for thru-wall or surface-mount applications

  • Not susceptible to UV degradation

  • Asphalt-free composition compatible with a wide variety of sealants

Available in 12”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 24”, & 36” wide X 25’ long rolls

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