High Speed Diamond Blades

High Speed Diamond Blades for Cutall Saws (Dry Cutting). Also can be used on Masonry Saws or Concrete Floor Saws up to 13HP.


The original DUO. The unique dual segment technology provides
excellent cutting speed with low
vibration. The exclusive arrow
shaped gullets remove debris fast. Available in 12″, 14″ and 16″.

Duo Evo

For cutting Hard materials. Up to 50% longer life. 

Duo Abrasive

For Soft materials such as
asphalt and concrete blocks. 

4 X 4

Multipurpose high speed blade for concrete, hard brick pavers, steel and metal.


With Turbo Rim for smooth cuts
(wet or dry) in Hard Materials
such as ceramic tiles, granite, marble and very hard bricks.

Value Plus

High speed blade for non-reinforced, medium hard concrete.

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