Product Spotlight: RB401T-E

There is no end to the innovation in the construction industry, with new products and technologies emerging all the time. With these advances, previously tedious and back-breaking work is made easier than ever before. This is especially evident in Max USA’s RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter. Williams Equipment is bringing you our very first Product Spotlight: RB401T-E.

As the very first and only battery-powered stand-up solution for tying #3 x #3 to #6 on #6 rebar combinations, this ergonomic machine is a game-changer, to say the least. This incredible tool makes a complex task something quick and easy, allowing you to complete projects more efficiently than ever. If you have an upcoming project, keep reading as we take a closer look at this one-of-a-kind machine and all it has to offer!

A Closer Look at Tying Rebar

Tying rebar correctly is a task that requires attention to detail and skilled perfection. Rebar is used to provide strength in foundations, walls, and other structures that may require reinforced concrete. While the big-picture details such as size, placement, and overlap, will be determined by the project engineer or architect, the ties are left to the installer. Much like sailor’s knots, these ties can vary in size, shape, amount of wire used, and complexity. That means it can take years to perfect this intricate skill. 

Tying rebar is generally done with the help of a metal hooking tool or a simple pair of pliers. However, while these tools allow the user to bend and tie the wire as they desire, they still require the additional work of getting up and down between each tie or section of ties, which can add unnecessary strain to the back and knees. That’s why Max USA Corp. created the RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter. 

Designed for Efficiency

Max USA Corp. designed the RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter to reduce the strain rod busters experience daily. The unique up-right construction gives the tool an ergonomic design that allows ironworkers to stand up straight while tying rebar for concrete slabs. When you don’t have to worry about the constant up-and-down between ties, you can get things done quicker and easier than ever. 

The RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter features an automatic contact switch that forms a tie instantly when engaged.  That means all you have to do is push the tool down onto the rebar intersection you’re tying and have a perfectly executed tie in half a second. That’s quicker than our human hands are capable of, which can increase your overall productivity. The handle is even adjustable, allowing you to find just the right feel for this innovative technology. 

Innovative Features

Being the first and only up-right, battery-powered solution for tying rebar combinations is only part of what this amazing machine has to offer. The long nose attachment helps you guide the tool into rebar intersections with ease, meaning less effort on your part. The RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter also features a faster tying speed and reduction in the amount of wire consumption.  

The RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter is also incredibly light-weight, weighing in at only 10 pounds. That makes it easy to take along to any job site or project you may take on. These features all combine to create a tool perfect for the everyday iron-worker. With the speed and efficiency of this up-right rebar tying tool, the user will have less physical strain throughout the day, leading to improved productivity and well-being. 

Functional and Versatile

Working in the construction industry no doubt takes a toll on the body. That’s why the RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter is the perfect tool to help bring functionality to your approach to tying rebar. When you can move throughout your structure without having to stop and hand-tie every rebar intersection, you’ll be able to accomplish more throughout your day. 

There’s no limit to the versatility of the RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter, as well. You can tackle any project that comes your way, from road and bridge decks to industrial foundations and commercial floors. No matter what task you have in mind, the RB401T-E Stand-Up Twinter can help take your productivity to the next level. 

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Tying rebar doesn’t have to be the tedious work you’ve always known it to be. When you can use a battery-powered machine that effectively completes your ties in under a second, you can feel confident that your projects will run smoother than ever. You don’t have to break your back to get the job done! Max USA Corp. and Williams Equipment are here to make things easier. 

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