Euclid Super-Flo Top

SUPER FLO-TOP is a portland based,free flowing, self-leveling compound specially designed for easy application over concrete floors as an underlayment for subsequent placement of floor coverings. It is suitable for use as a repair and leveling course and may be applied at thicknesses from featheredge to 1" (25 mm). SUPER FLO-TOP is a one part system requiring only the addition of water for mixing.


  • Flowable consistency for self-leveling application

  • Pumpable through standard equipment

  • Self-leveling for smooth, flat floors

  • Minimal shrinkage for outstanding resistance to cracking

  • High early strength for early turnaround

  • Excellent bond strength for a composite floor section

  • Excellent self-healing properties

  • Extended open time

Super Flo-Top Technical Data Sheet PDF

Super Flo-Top Material Safety Data Sheet PDF

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